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Seeking LA Based Jazz Combos for Residency

HGN now seeking LA based Jazz combos for residency in new arts district club. Looking for 3-4 pieces max. Register with HGN for inclusion on the list!

January 7, 2014Posted by admin in blog

Hollywood Gig Network Growing Globally


The Hollywood Gig Network is gaining speed across the globe in 2014 as more promoters discover the power of having Hollywood in the palm of their hands!

The HGN is the first network of its kind that instantly empowers independent live music promoters with a strong Hollywood brand and connectivity to the movers and shakers of the Hollywood Entertainment Industry - No Matter where you are in the world! We are proud to announce that we are in negotiation with several premiere music promoters who are looking to license entire areas of eastern and western europe and asia. The HGN is set to become a global household Hollywood Brand. If you are a live music promoter, you don't want to miss getting on board now and claim your territory! HGN

Ten Tips for Rising Rockstars

So you've taken the first steps into becoming a rock star: you've played your fair share of gigs and been on the road for a while; have demoed your music and continued to hustle your way to the top! However, its sometimes easy to lose sight of your goals and even basic rock n roll ideals. Here are some helpful tips for the rock star-on-the-rise.

  • Try your hand at writing and composing your own songs. Covering songs is great, but ultimately your fans will be intrigued about your song writing talents. The serious music fans will want to know Read more