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Finally, a master solution to the endless submissions online to get gigs. Seems like every time there is an opportunity to play somewhere, you as an artist are being asked to submit yourself again and again. HGN disrupts the industry again with “Hit the Ground Running™“. The Hit the Ground Running™ program is a master database used by the Hollywood Gig Network™ for all artists to be a part of to get access to gigs and be called upon by promoters for gigs all over the world.

How do I get into the Hit the Ground Running Artist database?

The Hit the Ground Running™ master database only requires submitting once for the life of the band. If you have several bands, such as a full rock act and a solo acoustic act, you can submit those separately so as to make the distinction when promoters are searching for specific talent. Think about it – as the HGN network grows, your band will be on the inside track for bookings and festivals in your town or anywhere you’d like to travel. It’s an end to endless submitting for every gig offering.

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Can I make Money in with the HGN?

Yes!!! The HGN Promoter guidelines structure all music showcases so the artist can make money at the shows. The process is standard for all HGN promoters anywhere in the world so you as an artist can expect a positive and profitable gig no matter where you are.

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How do I know I’m dealing with an Official HGN Promoter?

All active HGN promoters in good standing will have the HGN logo is displayed on their gig listings. Active promoters will be also listed on the HGN network so you can check on your own that the person you’re working with is actively a part of the network.

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Spend More Time Playing Out and Promoting Your Music!

The HGN makes it easy for any band to get paying gigs, assemble their own regional tour or play a gig in a new city without hassles! Spend more time playing music and making money doing your passion – with the HGN and Hit the Ground Running™!!

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